From the universal remote!

日期: 2021-08-25 19:30:43 阅读人数: 1013

     More and more customers are either coming home empty-handed or buying fake "universal remote controls" at home appliance stores, media reported. Experts say the universal remote simply doesn't work for all appliances. In fact, the news from a side of the consumer demand for "universal accessories" is very large, in response to this strong consumer demand, some products or accessories more compatible, why not?

     Compatibility is not high, some accessories for the purpose of "convenience", but not "convenience". Think about it. Air conditioning, TV, DVD, stereo... Need remote controls, and every home appliance needs one, so a room will have multiple remote controls, more than the telephone.

     As we have learned, the normal service life of TV is more than 10 years, but TV remote control uses frequency is high, break easily, protection is good usable 7 8 years, most can use only 3 4 years. The reporter visited the discovery after the shopping mall such as a few everybody electricity, the remote control that should buy popular TV a few years ago, air conditioning is very difficult --, the reason is the shopping mall did not sell this electric appliance early, more the remote control that does not match with this electric appliance sells. With an average of three remote controls per household in Shanghai, the remote control market in Shanghai has a capacity of 15 million. The direct result of the serious contradiction between supply and demand is that the inferior remote control is flooding the market.

     The dangers of counterfeit goods are not limited. Want to open again, accessories are not compatible, each production of each, on social resources is undoubtedly a great waste. Today's mobile phone chargers are not compatible with each other, not to mention different brands. Even different products and accessories of the same brand are not compatible with each other. If you change a mobile phone, you have to update the charger along with it. The same is true of ballpoint pens. Ballpoint pen appearance of various, admittedly good-looking, but the inside of the pen is also a kaleidoscope, to later, a ballpoint pen oil after the use of the pen is also obsolete. In this way, there are a lot of pens and chargers thrown away. The material waste of producing these goods is very big, not to mention the cost of time and manpower needed for production.

     In fact, the demand for "universal accessories" is so strong, why are businesses not targeting this opportunity? Instead of spending more manpower and material resources to study new products, it is better to "drill" into the "universal accessories" lesson, improve the compatibility of accessories, can not have more consumers? Even if you can't really do "omnipotent", even if it is "thousands of energy", "hundred energy" or, put the needs of the people in the first place, the product is bound to be marketable.